Shop & Tasting Room

Split wine tasting

Just a few minutes’ walk from the Diocletian’s Palace, on the end of the cult Radunica Street, The Art of Wine project has set up its hedonistic headquarters. Surrounded by hundred year old stone walls the cozy shop offers more than 400 labels of Croatian and international wines, homemade liquors and olive oils.

The real treat starts with the dozens of homemade delicacies, produced specifically for The Art of Wine such as marinated and salted anchovies, spicy bell peppers stuffed with cream cheese, sun dried tomatoes, marinated eggplants, octopus salad, artisanal cheese and olives…

In other words, The Art of Wine is equipped to supply all gourmet pleasures of Croatia, whether you want to take home a taste of Croatia, fill your apartment and enjoy it while on vacation or you simply want to stuff your yacht with hedonistic supplies and sail of into the sunset.

Proprietors of the store are dedicated to providing unique experiences for every customer and are more than willing to educate and/or help in any way to make your stay in Croatia a special one.

In addition to retail and wholesale of wines and delicacies the shop also is used as a tasting room for private gourmet experiences, as well as starting point of unique wine tours through Dalmatia.

The Art of Wine tasting experience consists of four wines from four Croatian winegrowing regions, usually delicate and aromatic whites from the northern region and strong and powerful reds form the south, paired with delicacies that accompany them perfectly.  The program of the tasting is always led by the owners who provide some interesting insights about Croatian and international wine scene. You will learn about the true origins of Zinfandel, find out why Croatia was significant factor in the famous Judgment of Paris taste in 1976; and why the New World of wine will forever be in debt to Croatian winemakers.

These kinds of experiences usually last 90 minutes to two hours and are filled with great wine, food, good conversation and spirit.

The Art of Wine offers:

  • Wine tours through different parts of Dalmatia
  • Wine tastings every day
  • Retail and wholesale of wine and delicacies
  • Outcall services such as wine tastings on boats, in apartments and hotels

The Art of Wine welcomes you into the world of unique wine and food experiences in Croatia.